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Month: October 2021

Too much, too little

Too much, too little? Yeah, I have heard both the accusations, depending on the person and the situation… So what is enough then?! Well… I don’t exactly know. All I know is my experience. Too much!Is it too much? As I said to a friend of mine – “When you need a glass, you just go to the kitchen. My kitchen, along with all the rest of the house, is on my back!” I live with only…

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UPDATED Breda – the first place I went to in the Netherlands. Yeah, not counting Bergen op Zoom, as I am based there. To Breda had to go to deal with the necessary registrations and papers to work legally. So, the first time I went was a “test drive“. 😆 No kidding! I catch the train and went there just to see how the system works and how exactly I can get to “Gemeente Breda“, as my…

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To travel and to be a tourist

Today a friend of mine wrote to me and made me think how my travel looks like from aside… Is the difference between to travel and to be a tourist is visible? Right now I have stopped in the Netherlands, as was the initial plan. I have a great job and an amazing place to stay since the day I have arrived! I owe this not only to my stubbornness, but also to Alex who, since Austria,…

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