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Month: May 2022

My stay in the Netherlands

By the time I started this post my stay in the Netherlands has already been more than 6 months long and it was not clear yet when it’s going to end. That’s why the article’s original name was “The first 6 months” and it already has its first part. As often happens in my life journey, when the moment comes, I make the decisions quite fast. Just about a week latter I was certain. So, I just…

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UPDATED Our visit to Middelburg was too brief. It was on the first of January – cold and windy, but sunny day. After we visited a couple of Forts and Vlissingen, on our way back to Bergen op Zoom, we decided to stop and see this town as well, as I have been told it’s a beautiful one. Well, it is a beautiful one. The only issue was that we were there too late and it was…

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