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Hey there!
I obviously should start with a few words about me.

I’m Eli Bolyarska – an enthusiastic traveller from Bulgaria on a very low, almost unexciting budged. I travel as cheep as possible, as much as possible enjoying every part of the journey! Learning on the go and still experimenting for the right (for me) way of traveling.
Let’s see where the way will lead. 🤫

I worked as a graphic designer, prepress specialist and a photographer for about 20 years.

At some point I started feeling I need a change (more in this post). A big one! So the answer found me in the shape of a traveller, who briefly crossed my way. From there it took just a certain amount of time to grow and clear the idea.

And here we go!

I did start to learn new things to be able to support myself financially on the road. Things like video editing, blogging, vlogging, YouTube, content writing, etc. Got even a professional masseuse certificate! 😃 Latter, during my travels I had the chance to learn and work as a Thai masseuse. Great experience!
Also at some point I decided that a vehicle will give me the flexibility I need. So, at the edge of 42 I got on a motorbike for the first time in my life and started my motorcycle lessons – that was a real fun!!

And basically that’s about me.

Left poor Roberto waiting for me on the burning sun at noon... (Hmmm, doesn't sound that bad to name your backpack... 🤔 😆)
Left poor Roberto waiting for me on the burning sun at noon… (Hmmm, doesn’t sound that bad to name your backpack… 🤔 😆)

A former prepress specialist, certificated masseuse and inveterate dreamer!
An enthusiast exploring the world and its own boundaries!

Feel free to join me! I’m sure you will enjoy the stories as much as I did!
And if you feel like buying me a coffee or want to support somehow my crazy journey, you can either do it here or send me a message for more options.

Thank you! 😉😎