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Category: Thoughts and passions

Alex & Yeen – the miracles on the way

Yeah, after the huge impact Alex has in my life journey, I think he deserves a special place. 😊 Do you remember the story? I met Alex in August for less than an hour at the breakfast table. It was at the guesthouse in Bosnia and Herzegovina where I had spend the night and he has just arrived. Afterwards he kindly took me a couple of kilometres ahead to the main road and went back to enjoy…


What to bring with you?

Okay, what exactly do you need to bring with you in that backpack of yours? Well, here it is my experience, although I am not an expert. When preparing for my “Up North” trip, I started with 42 l rucksack, but lots of stuff were hanging outside, so I changed it with quite bigger one – 80 + 15 l. Let’s start with the underwear. I had 4 pairs (5 if you count those on me) of…

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Too much, too little

Too much, too little? Yeah, I have heard both the accusations, depending on the person and the situation… So what is enough then?! Well… I don’t exactly know. All I know is my experience. Too much!Is it too much? As I said to a friend of mine – “When you need a glass, you just go to the kitchen. My kitchen, along with all the rest of the house, is on my back!” I live with only…

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To travel and to be a tourist

Today a friend of mine wrote to me and made me think how my travel looks like from aside… Is the difference between to travel and to be a tourist is visible? Right now I have stopped in the Netherlands, as was the initial plan. I have a great job and an amazing place to stay since the day I have arrived! I owe this not only to my stubbornness, but also to Alex who, since Austria,…

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