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Down South… part 6

Ten months after I started my Up North trip and 9 months in the Netherlands, it was time to move Down South again and face the next adventure. (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5)
You can also fallow the trip in Polarsteps.
Not to overload the post with pictures, most of the photos you can find at the end of it divided into galleries.

Innerschwand am Mondsee, Austria • 4 August 2022

So, I got picked up by a truck! A big one! LOL
Another part of my Down South adventure – looking forward to it!

Lets taste a bit of the truck-driver's life 😉😎
Down South – Lets taste a bit of the truck-driver’s life 😉😎

Kinda progress we have here – starting with a bicycle, then a motorbike, a car and now – a truck… Don’t even want to imagine the next level! 🤣🤣

The first stop was at so beautiful area, that we couldn’t miss a short nice walk around the lake. We had a lot to talk about and the time flew away so fast. Don’t forget – the driver is an old friend of mine and we had a lot to catch up on!

Somewhere in Austria
Somewhere in Austria

So, before we noticed, the sun went down and it was time to try to get some sleep, as we had to have another early start.

Lonely swan in Austrian lake
Down South – Lonely swan in Austrian lake

Oh, some good news here – no seasick on a truck trip! Not at all! 😜
Also the beer taste better in there… 🤣

Plugee, Hungary • 5 August 2022

The second stop in Hungary wasn’t that scenic, but was more practical and I managed to take a quick bath (with a bucket of sun-heated water) in the toilets and to wash my clothes before my friend throw me out as a smelly cat. 🙉🙊🙈

Sunrise on the way in Hungary
Down South – Sunrise on the way in Hungary

Yet, I was roughly brought into the Balkan realty as I almost lost my famous (and super practical) NL water bottle. As I used its parts for rum and coke (🤭🤫) I washed it and left it on the table by the truck along with few other things to dry out, while I went to my extremely short shower.

At the moment I emerged from the toilet I saw a man sitting at the table, all the stuff there, but the bottle! It is bright green and visible from a first sight, so I noticed immediately it was not there.

My special bottle, which was almost taken away...
My special bottle, which was almost taken away…

At the same time the man got up and turned to leave. I spoke in English from a distance: “Excuse me sir! There was a bottle here!” He just shrugged his shoulders. “A green plastic bottle, sir! Where is it?” He mumbled something unclear and shrugged again. That time I got pissed off and reached to the half-transparent plastic bag he was holding and took the bottle outThis is MINE!!!

The table (with my laundry by it, LOL), where I left the bottle and the other things to dry out (I took the photo from INSIDE the truck)...
The table (with my laundry by it, LOL), where I left the bottle and the other things to dry out (I took the photo from INSIDE the truck)…

Then he finally responded. In Bulgarian… “You shouldn’t left it there…” Now I also switched to Bulgarian. “Oh, shouldn’t I? Why?! It was left there for a couple of minutes to dry out along with the rest of the things, which is more than obvious! Why should you take something that is not yours, is the question here?! Oh, actually I know – because you are Bulgarian, right?! I am just going to hang my clothes to dry here as well, maybe you need a bra or something else to take for yourself?!”

I think it was quite a shock to him, when he realised I was a Bulgarian as well (almost as mine, when he did respond in Bulgarian)… He just kept repeating “You shouldn’t left it there…”, went to his car and disappeared.

It was kind of landing into the reality and realising where am I… 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Sunrise on the way in Romania
Down South – Sunrise on the way in Romania

Afterwards we had a short disagreement with my friend, who was defending the guy. Well, my opinion is that he took something that’s not his with the clear awareness he should not! That’s it! Nothing could convince me other way!

After the break there, we just passed through the whole Romania without stopping and here we go – the Bulgarian border!

Down South – Mezdra, Bulgaria • 6 August 2022

After all the news we were expecting to wait at the border at least one day. I was even prepared to get off and continue by hitchhiking again – why should I stay indefinitely long on the truck-queue here?!

Vratsa, BG from a distance
Vratsa, BG from a distance

Yet we entered in Bulgaria three days earlier than planed! My friend, who is a truck driver for many many years, said “It’s only because of your luck and positive attitude! I don’t remember ever having so smooth and quick ride of more than 2000 kilometers…”

Waiting for my train at Mezdra train station
Down South – Waiting for my train at Mezdra train station

Yeah, I know I am lucky! 😜
Yet you need to be at least as lucky as me, to have me around there! LOL 🤣

Waiting for my train at Mezdra train station
Waiting for my train at Mezdra train station

So, he drove me to one train station and I, (becoming more lazy with every kilometer) just took the train home. 😎

This is how the “Down South” part of the trip just ended. Well, if you put it that way, though… Because if you ask me, it’s not over at all. There’s just a pause here to “change horses”! 😜

So there it is:
1 year, 15 countries and over 10 000 kilometres, most of witch by hitchhiking or on foot.

A year full of challenges, adventures and new experiences. Many lessons to learn, many new friends to have and priceless memories to store for the years ahead.

Thank you for all of you, who helped this to happen! Everyone of you has its own role in my journey, otherwise our paths wouldn’t cross. With some of you they might cross again.

At least I hope so!…

Somewhere on the Bulgarian rail tracks
Down South – Somewhere on the Bulgarian rail tracks

Now a couple of weeks rest and maintenance, wandering around and meeting old friends and then…

Then… Will see what the cat will bring this time! 😉

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