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Went to Rotterdam with a friend of mine in a sunny spring day – beautiful place with lots to be seen.

I have already noticed that most of the buildings are new and impressive and was thinking to read something about the reason latter. Had no need. My amazing knowledgeable guide has enlightened me that it’s because of the World War II, when Rotterdam was literally flattened.

City Hall Rotterdam
City Hall Rotterdam

So, nowadays I guess, you could walk all day long around the city and won’t stop being fascinated of all the modernistic buildings, sculptures, etc. Absolutely enchanting atmosphere.

Around Rotterdam - The Cube houses
Around Rotterdam – The Cube houses

We didn’t have too much time, but couldn’t miss the famous Cube houses. Really impressive and innovative look. According to Wikipedia they have been designed by architect Piet Blom, based on the concept of “living as an urban roof“.

Around Rotterdam - The Pencil building and The Cube houses
Around Rotterdam – The Pencil building and The Cube houses

Passed by that “Santa Claus” accidentally, but definitely got my attention in the second! Spent few minutes staring at it and wondering what that should be. Must be a tree, but… damn, it surely doesn’t look exactly like… Or it’s just my mind?

Around Rotterdam - Santa Claus (or Buttplug Gnome), is a 2001 statue by Paul McCarthy... 🤦‍♀️🤫
Around Rotterdam – Santa Claus (or Buttplug Gnome), is a 2001 statue by Paul McCarthy… 🤦‍♀️🤫

Had no time to wonder too much, as my friend was waiting for me round the corner, so just took a photo and decided will ask Google latter. Well I did… 😆

Having a great time around Rotterdam
Having a great time around Rotterdam

We also went to a viewpoint with very beautiful panoramic view towards the famous bridges. I was amusing myself watching the Water taxis, which were looking like a real busses dipped in the water. 😁

Around Rotterdam
Around Rotterdam

We passed through the Maastunnel tunnel on purpose although there are no pictures of it (thanks to my big heavy camera, always stored somewhere deep and difficult to reach), as it is connecting the banks of the Nieuwe Maas and an important part of Rotterdam’s road network.

Around Rotterdam - water taxi
Around Rotterdam – water taxi

The Maastunnel was the world’s first rectangular shaped underwater tunnel built using the sunken tube or immersed tube method. Building has commenced in 1937 and finished in 1942. Separate parts have been built elsewhere in a dry dock, and then floated into place and sunk into a trench dug in the river bottom, a technique used in many other Dutch tunnels afterwords.

The Maritime Museum Rotterdam
The Maritime Museum Rotterdam

You can find the rest of the photos in the gallery page.

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