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Tag: Belgium

Down South… part 1

Ten months after I started my Up North trip and 9 months in the Netherlands, it was time to move Down South again and face the next adventure. (part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6) You can also fallow the trip in Polarsteps.Not to overload the post with pictures, most of the photos you can find at the end of it divided into galleries. Ghent, Belgium • 1-3 July 2022 Starting the Down South…

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To Antwerp took me a person I met online, who wanted to stay incognito in my blog. So, we went there in a gray rainy day. Luckily for us, it was raining only on the way to there and we enjoyed a nice, even tough quite cloudy, walk through the old town and by the shore. It is beautiful, there is no second opinion. A second visit is a must. Some time soon… Here is the gallery…

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Baarle-Nassau or Herog

Baarle-Nassau / Baarle-Hertog – the two names of one city divided by many pieces of two different countries. It was my first trip after I bought a travel card here. It’s on subscription and costs me 5.10 euro per month. So, I decided, I have to go monthly to at least one place, to make it worth it! 😁 I have seen lots of photos with those white border marking crosses and was quite curious to went…

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